Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register on the website?

On the top of the website there is a link to register. Simply click the link and fill out the form. You will then be asked if you would like to link your account to the store. If you link to the store you can place orders as well as subscriptions. All of your order information is gathered by us and we place the order for you. You can now view your account information on our website or at Comixology . If you choose not to link your account no orders will be placed but you can still find a wealth of information about upcoming titles and items available at the store.

Do I also need to register at

You can create your Comixology account on our website or at Comixology. Since our site is built around the Comixology technology the same account works on both sites. The first time you log in at Samurai Comics you will be asked to link your account to our store. Once that is done we can place all of your orders and subscriptions that you make on our site or at Comixolgy.

Do I need to Pre-pay for items I subscribe to on the website?

No pre-pay is required for orders placed on the site. We do ask that you pick up your items at least once every 2 weeks. Items left over 2 weeks may be returned to stock, and can adversely affect your account. Customers wishing to have items held longer than 2 weeks may keep a credit card on file. See store for details.

How do I search for items on your website?

You can click the link This Week's Comics to look at upcoming releases. Using the powerful Advanced search tool you can search by publisher, week of release and can even narrow your search by item category. Another option is the search bar at the top of the page. For example if you type Superman you will get a listing of everything Superman. If you are looking for Superman #711 simply enter Superman 711 into the search box!

When is the deadline for orders from the current Previews catalog?

All Previews orders for items in the current month are due by the 21st of each month. Any orders placed after that date may arrive after the items release date. Please keep in mind that orders from any current Previews catalog are for items being released 2 months later. For example items in the MARCH Previews catlog will be released in May of the same year.

I don't live in your local area. Can you ship items to me?

Yes. We ship items weekly all over the world. Please fill out the website registration information completely and contact us via email prior to your purchase for more information and to check item availability. Soon our website will also have ecommerce functionality so that you will be able to purchase items, pay for them and have them shipped all in one transaction. Stay tuned for more information.

Do you have every item listed in the Previews catalog on hand in the store?

No. It would be impossible to keep every Previews item on hand at all times. We do have access to all of the items however and are happy to order any items you are interested in. Please check with us concerning availability prior to placing orders.

Can I purchase digital comics through your website?

Comixology will be implemeting this feature on our website very soon. You will be able to purchase and download current and back issues from various publishers as well as have access to a reader for viewing the online comics. Comixology is the leader in distribution of digital comics and the technology that makes it possible. We see great things in the near future on this subject. Stay tuned for more information!


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January 13th, 2014

Midnight Release Party at all 3 locations!


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